Theories of agricultural growth

Would love opinions from those in various disciplines on this:

Schultz's Transforming Traditional Agriculture and Boserup's Conditions of Agricultural Growth appeared in 1964 and 1965.  Both are landmarks but the books had some crucial differences, especially in the importance of external inputs in peasant agriculture.  Which would you say has been more influential in the end?

This is for something I'm writing that would benefit from some differing perspectives.


Glenn Stone
Anthropology, Washington Univ.


CFP: Seeking a panelist for the AHA 2019. Panel: Empires, Peasant Mobility, and State Reforms, 1750-1850

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Call for Papers
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Seeking a panelist for the AHA Annual Meeting: Empires, Peasant Mobility and State Reforms, 1750-1850

Dear All,

We are a panel of two PhD students in history looking for a third to complete our panel for AHA 2019. Our presentations are about the Russian and Ottoman empires in 1750-1850, and we hope to find an individual with similar interests in population control, mobility, peasantry, etc. in any other state or region.

If interested, please let us know as soon as possible. 

Andrey Gornostaev and Onder Akgul




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