Member Journal Publication: "Diplomacy Beyond History: Analytic-Violence, Producer-Centred Research, India"

The SCOPUS journal funded by the Indian state, India Quarterly, published the article below, and it is here 

Diplomacy Beyond History: Analytic-Violence, Producer-Centred Research, India


National Security Archive: Pakistan’s Nuclear Program Posed “Acute Dilemma” for U.S. Policy

New Documents Cite A. Q. Khan’s Lead Role in Pakistani “Shopping Expeditions” for Nuclear Supplies

“Brutal” Option—Destruction of Pakistani Nuclear Plants by “Some Other Country”—Was Raised in U.S. Discussions

The Kashmir Back Channel: India-Pakistan Negotiations on Kashmir from 2004 to 2007


Georgetown University's Institute for the Study of Diplomacy is a leader in the use of the case study method of instruction in international affairs. ISD’s case study library is the largest of its kind and spans over 250 cases. Written by senior practitioners and academics who often have direct experience of the events they describe, these case studies represent a rigorous effort to bring the dynamics and nuance of diplomacy in action to the classroom. 

CFP British Academy Writing Workshop, Pakistan to Bangladesh, 1947-70

                                                                        The British Academy Writing Workshop

                                                                                Pakistan to Bangladesh, 1947-70

                                                                                             Call for Proposals

Online Course - Introduction to the Iranian languages - June 21-July 2

Armenian School of Languages and Cultures - ASPIRANTUM organizes an "Introduction to the Iranian languages" online course. The 2 weeks online school will start on June 21, 2021, and will last till July 2, 2021. 

This 2 weeks online school will be organized on working days each week (5 days each week, 10 days during two weeks) and will include 25 hours of intensive teaching (2.5 hours during each day). 

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