Asia-Pacific War Studies Project (APWAR): Summer Workshop 2017–Discovering “Dai-Nippon”: memory, place and the politics of identity–

This two-day workshop will examine the complex—often controversial—issue of public memory in post-war Japan. Day 1 explores the roles of haunting and narrative in the production of sites of memory and includes visits to Aoyama Cemetery and Yasukuni Shrine. Day 2 focuses on wartime visual and material culture, including the screening of wartime films and an interactive lecture. These tours and screening will be followed by critical reflections, facilitated by cultural geographers, film studies specialists and historians.

Response: Japanese veterans of military administration of Indonesia (1942-1945) still alive?

Hello David,

I notice that there have been no replies to your query yet so I thought I would offer an attempt.

Here is the official veterans group for the former Japanese Army:

Here is the official veterans group for both the former Navy and the JSDF:

Here is the government-run museum for preserving the oral testimonies of war veterans:

Japanese veterans of military administration of Indonesia (1942-1945) still alive?

I am a Belgian writer and historian, writing in Dutch. After my book Congo: The Epic History of A People which was translated in several languages, I am currently working on a book on the decolonization of Indonesia between 1930 and 1955.

ICAS Special Event: Dialogue with Family of Former US Prisoners of War in Japan 2016, 7 DEC 2016


* Please note our new event location. This event will be held at The Parliament, TUJ's new student lounge located on the 1F of Azabu Hall.  The Parliament is easily visible from the street and can be accessed by a glass door just to the left of Azabu Hall's main entrance. 

SMH panel

I know it is getting late in the season, but the panel I had originally hoped to put together fell through. 

I write about the intersections of interservice rivalry/relations and the process of defense unification between 1943 and 1949. I am open to putting together a panel for the SMH on the Pacific War or politics relating to wartime/postwar. I can also fit in with discussions of the military during the Cold War period. 

Re: Survey of how America became involved in World War II

For a very different perspective than Heinrichs, take a look at my book--it's more general than the title suggests:
To Have and Have Not: Southeast Asian Raw Materials and the Origins of the Pacific War. University of California Press, 1995.
Available online at

Re: Maps Please

John T. Kuehn has a real point when he states this --

Despite information technology that now makes this all rather easier than in the “old days” of typewriters, etc., it seems publishers simply do not want these or do not even want them when the author does. “Too expensive” is often the reason.

Case in point book from some of my own research on Allied land based radar in the Asia-Pacific theaters of World War 2 --


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