CFP: Während und nach Corona: Digitale Lehre in der Germanistik (25./26.8.2020)

Call für Beiträge zu einer digitalen Konferenz am 25./26.8.2020

Wie hat die Germanistik die vollständige und rasche Umstellung auf digitale Lehre in der Pandemie bewältigt und welche Schlüsse wollen wir für unser Fach kurz-, mittel- und langfristig daraus ziehen?

Breaking History Podcast @ Northeastern University: "COVID-19 in Context: Histories of the Present"

Check out our latest episode of the Breaking History podcast, "COVID-19 in Context: Histories of the Present" by the Northeastern University History Graduate Student Association! Here we have Adam Tomasi, a history PhD student, Molly Nebiolo, a PhD candidate, Dr. James Robinson, a recent graduate, and Dr. Bridget Keown, lecturer at Pitt and Northeastern grad alum! In the podcast we talk about the historical underpinnings of the pandemic and how COVID-19 affects our work as scholars and teachers.

How do we teach history after this? Thoughts from the “Pandemic Pedagogy” series

Dr. Samantha Cutrara, a History Education Strategist, talks about her "Pandemic Pedagogy" videos:

"How do we teach history after this? Thoughts from the “Pandemic Pedagogy” series", Active History, April 27, 2020,

Re: Teaching the early republic online?

Dear Eileen (if I may), I use Reacting (or RTTP) frequently in a number of different kinds of classes. It's a powerful pedagogy, and I really love it (so do my students). For the Early Republic, the American Revolution game is quite good. I haven't played the Constitution game, but I have done the short game "The Eleventh Pillar," which is about the New York Ratification Convention.

Re: Teaching the early republic online?

Dear Eileen,

I have not personally used RTTP, but I have two colleagues (both of whom teach various classes in world history) who use them extensively, and very successfully. They are currently talking about ways to adapt these simulations to remote learning, as it is likely that we're going to teach most of our classes that way in the fall. So I can't give you personal experience, but I can give you an indirect vote of confidence -- my colleagues and students really like using these games.

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