Resource Page Addition: Ed Moise's Vietnam War Bibliography (Clemson University)

H-Intel Members:

The H-Intel Resource Page includes links to bibliographies, journals, academic and professional sites, blogs, podcasts, and declassified records.  The newest link is to Ed Moise's Vietnam War Bibliography.  If there are additional resources you'd like to see added, please send along the information.  Please take a few moments and review the current page:  

Much appreciated, and I hope folks' summers are off to a good start!


Announcement - Collection of the Museum für Islamische Kunst in Berlin now published online

From: Miriam Kühn <>
Date: 23 May 2018
The Museum für Islamische Kunst in Berlin now provides access to more than 11.000 objects online on its website. This is a fundamental milestone in the accessibility of the museum collection and would not have been possible without the generosity of Yousef Jameel, Hon. LHD, a private supporter of the arts, education, and research.

Studia Historiae Scientiarum volumes 16 (2017) and 15 (2016)

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One article indexed in this journal that is especially relevant to H-Scholar is Steven Laporte, "Preprint for the humanities– fiction or a real possibility?* Vol 16 (2017)

--Margaret DeLacy, H-Scholar editor]



Tropy (resources)


Developed by George Mason University and funded by the Mellon Foundation, "Tropy" is a new free app. designed to enable researchers to organize the chaos of photographs they take on research trips to archives.

(the name conveys the opposite of "entropy")

The American Historical Association's newsletter Perspectives on History includes an article about the creation of the app at

New resource: AsiaGlobal Online Journal at the University of Hong Kong

Dear Colleagues,

The Asia Global Institute at The University of Hong Kong is thrilled to announce the launch of the AsiaGlobal Online journal. We warmly invite H-Asia list members to discover our articles and to consider writing with us, to extend impact beyond academic audiences.

Recent online publications in the history of nutrition

If you are anything like me, you probably spend part of your "not-work" time reading things that look suspiciously like work...namely the proliferation of sites and articles online dedicated to the fascinating nexus of food, nutrition, history, identity, and politics. Here are a few links that I have collected over the last month.


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