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Dear colleagues,

Here is an updated list of upcoming Buddhist studies events. Please be mindful of the different time zones and ways of signing up.

Guttorm Gundersen

Graduate student, EALC, Harvard University


October 6, 2021 at 1:15 pm ET

Pests, Keystone Species and Hungry Ghosts: The Gesar Epic and Human - Pika Relations on the Tibetan Plateau

Prof. Emily Yeh, University of Colorado Boulder

Committee on Inner Asian and Altaic Studies Lecture series

"Re-envisioning Asia: Contestations and Struggles in the Visual Arts" Virtual Film Festival

To promote inter-disciplinary interactions, discussions, and critiques about the role of Southeast Asian and South Asian visual art in Asian Studies, the Association for Asian Studies is pleased to hold a virtual film festival and two AAS Digital Dialogues, with the support of the Asian Cultural Council (ACC).

Lecture series: Thirty years after the collapse of the USSR (Institute of Political Science, University of Vienna)

Lecture series: Thirty years after the collapse of the USSR

When: weekly on Wednesdays 16.45-18.15; starting from 6 October 2021. Where: online via Zoom, open to general public.

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