Re: Translated Sources on nature in the Soviet Union from 1917 to 1953

I don't know if you are interested in literary texts at all, but Mikhail Prishvin's "Nature's Diary" was published in 1935, and Prishvin is considered to be (along with Tolstoy) one of the greatest Russian-language nature writers. Best of luck!! Masha Shpolberg (UNC-Wilmington)

Announcement: Muteferriqa, a full-text searchable Ottoman Periodicals portal

Dear All,

On behalf of Miletos, I would like to share the announcement below about Muteferriqa, a full-text searchable Ottoman Periodicals portal.

We hope that Muteferriqa will be a valuable research asset for all in the field.

Please feel free to contact me at for questions and comments.

Kind regards,

Kürşat Aker

Dear Colleague,

A new resource posted

Episode 22 of The Edwin Black Show, "Eugenics in America," is now available to stream. You can find the link to the video on one of our resource pages: You will also find on this page, among other resources, links to all of the episodes from Marius Turda and Patrick Merricks' Eugenics Podcast.

The Ann Paludan Image Library of Historical Chinese Sculptures

National Museums Scotland has made digitally available the photographic archive of the writer and art historian Ann Paludan (1928–2014). Consisting of over 10,000 prints and slides of sculptures from over 200 sites in China, the Ann Paludan Image Library provides a unique source for the study of Chinese sculpture.

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