Spring 2018 Issue of Ohio History Available

TOC, Ohio History, Spring, 2018

"By Compass, Chain, and Level: Early Efforts at Surveying and Mapping the Mounds,"  by Terry A. Barnhart

"From Social Grace to Social Power: Gender Norms in Leadership and Rhetorical Performance at Western College for Women," by Renea Frey and Jacqueline Johnson

"City, Legacy, and Reform: The Beginnings of the Toledo Humane Society," by Arjun Sabharwal

"Migrant Culture Maintenance: The Welsh Experience in Martin's Ferry, Belmont County, Ohio, 1900-1940." by Robert Llewellyn Tyler

New issue of Ohio History

The Fall 2017 issue of Ohio History is now available.


"Ladies of Locbouorne: Women Airforce Service Pilots and Mighty B-17 Flying Fortress" by Jenny Sage

"Pathmakers: James and Mary Jane McCleery" by Lawrence S. Freund

"From the Parish Hall to the Union Hall: Catholic Labor Education in Cleveland" by Paul Lubienecki

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