Haitian Politics and Culture in Translation 

Welcome to the first installment of our new H-Haiti Blog series: Haitian Politics and Culture in Translation. The goal of this series is to present in English translation short works of journalism, poetry, fiction, and other written materials from or about Haiti. While we often talk about the necessity of translating works into the native language of Haiti, Kreyòl, we discuss much less the necessity of bringing important works in Kreyòl and French originally published in Haiti to an Anglophone readership. The goal of this series, then, is twofold: to

This episode is about the scholarly obituary and presents two different approaches to the enterprise of reviewing a scholar's life. Tasked with "reviewing" the life of historian and his own mentor, Dr. Raymond A. Mohl, Robert interviews H-War editor David Silbey about his review of distinguished military historian John Keegan. Robert and Yelena then talk about some considerations, like what to include and the issue of objectivity. Links to the obituaries and interviews discussed are below.

  • Alex Ronan, "The Art of the Obituary: An Interview with Margalit Fox," Paris Review, September 23, 2014.