CFP: OAH 2019 Lightning Round

SHGAPE is organizing a lightning round session on the Gilded Age and Progressive era. We are looking for graduate students or other emerging scholars to participate. A lightning round is a 90 minute session meant to highlight emerging scholarship in a field. Each scholar has 5 minutes to give their “elevator pitch” of their research in quick succession and then the floor will be open for discussion, which a senior scholar will moderate.  Your research can be at any stage, as long as you can articulate it.

Seeking Participants for a Histories of Capitalism/Urban & Architectural History Panel, OAH 2019

I am seeking  collaborators for a panel on the history of capitalism and (possibly) its intersections with urban and architectural history for OAH 2019 in Philadelphia. I am in the early stages of a research project on the archiectural and urban planning questions surronding the commodities and securities trading industries in the 1960s and 1970s and am looking to present my work with a diverse group of scholars.

Find A Panel for OAH 2019 Conference

I want to join a panel for OAH 2019 on people of color in California or the West, or new directions of study of the African American experience in the West.

My paper will be around my research from my forthcoming book with University of Nebraska Press tentatively title, Leisure's Race, Power and Place in Los Angeles and California Dreams in the Jim Crow Era. I plan to do a presentation on the research around a few of the African American leisure site business builders or the public history project I have been doing to engage people with the narratives of my research.

Search for Panelists - OAH 2019 - Social Movements and Popular Culture

Hello! I am a Senior Lecturer at Wayne State University who is looking for researchers interested in proposing a panel for the 2019 meeting of the Organization of American Historians. I am planning on presenting from a recent article, which looks at how teenage responses to crossover records on the Billboard charts between 1953 and 1958 reflected shifting views of integration movements. Since the conference theme is "The Work of Freedom," I am thinking that any research that looks at social movements and popular culture might be a good fit.

DEADLINE EXTENDED- Call For Panelists, "Nature and Motherhood," OAH 2019

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