Find A Panel for OAH 2019 Conference

I want to join a panel for OAH 2019 on people of color in California or the West, or new directions of study of the African American experience in the West.

My paper will be around my research from my forthcoming book with University of Nebraska Press tentatively title, Leisure's Race, Power and Place in Los Angeles and California Dreams in the Jim Crow Era. I plan to do a presentation on the research around a few of the African American leisure site business builders or the public history project I have been doing to engage people with the narratives of my research.

Seeking Participants for Panel on Masculinity and Politics, OAH 2019

I am putting together a panel on masculinity and politics for the 2019 OAH. My work is on anti-matriarchalism and the origins of the Men's Rights Movement, and I'm looking for fellow panelists whose research addresses the broad theme of the role of changing ideas about manhood, masculinity, and/or male sexuality in electoral and legislative politics. The conference theme is "The Work of Freedom," and so a loose theme for this panel might be gendered definitions of liberty and the resulting political behavior. The format will be either a traditional paper session or a panel discussion.


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