One opening for presenter on nuclear production in material and metaphor (ASEEES 2018)


Our panel is seeking 1 more paper presenter for our panel as part of ASEEES 2018 in Boston.

We are engaging with themes relating to the production of knowledge and memory of the nuclear industry as well as its radioactive by-products, the impact on the collective psyche, emotion, and imagination, as captured in Soviet science fiction, and conceptualizing nuclear “by-products” in terms of social-environmental inequalities.

ASEEES 2018 - Call for participants in panel on nuclear products/by-products, material, and metaphor


I am seeking participants for a panel as part of the 2018 ASEEES annual convention to take place Dec. 6 - 9 in Boston. The panel centers on the topic of nuclear production (in relation to both weaponry and nuclear energy) and its radioactive by-products. There are two presenters so far, and I am seeking a third presenter, as well as a chair and discussant. If I receive enough responses, I might form a second panel. 


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