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Below is an excerpt from an article entitled "How universities can really help PhD grads get jobs," by Derrick Rancourt and Beth Archer Kuhn, that appeared on the Conversation blog on July 8, 2019 4.36pm with a link to the full article.  The authors surveyed biomedical companies in Alberta, Canada, to learn what non-technical skills these companies were seeking but felt were often lacking when graduate students applied for jobs.  

Scholars off the Tenure Track at the AHA (comment)


During the next convention of the American Historical Association which will take place in New York, the business meeting will consider a resolution "On Supporting Scholars Off the University Tenure Track "  The business meeting, which is open only to members will take place on Sunday, January 5, at 5:15–7:30 p.m. 

If any of you will be attending, I hope you will report back on the discussion and outcome!

Historians Respond to Plan S (link)


I apologize for sending out the previous post before completing the drafting process.  Below is a link to the post from the Scholarly Kitchen mentioned earlier entitled "Historians Respond to Plan S: Open Access vs OA Policies Redux."

The Versatile PhD controversy (comment)


in 2010 an enterprising scholar named Paula Chambers initiated a "listserv" entitled Wrk4Us.  The list grew and prospered and began to branch out into interviews, q and a sessions, and finally, a large web portal.  The portal was re-named "the Versatile PhD," and a collection of universities and learned organizations including the American Historical Association sponsored subscriptions for their students and members.

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