No Sounds Are Forbidden returns with a new episode! In the second episode, “Order From Chaos: Modernism and Rationality in 12 Tones,” host Matthew Friedman explores the radical conservatism of Arnold Schoenberg's 12-tone composition method, and its impact on western avant-garde music before, and after the Second World War. This episode features music by Schoenberg, Anton Webern, Alban Berg, Hanns Eisler, Luigi Dallapiccola, Igor Stravinsky, Milton Babbitt, and Donald Martino.

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No Sounds Are Forbidden explores the exciting, and complex history of the avant-garde art music of the 20th and 21st centuries. In the first episode, “Moondrunk: Pierrot Lunaire at the Edge of Modernity,” host Matthew Friedman goes back to the beginning (or a beginning) of the avant-gardewhen Pierrot Lunaire shocked the music world, and ensured that nothing would ever sound the same again.

The European concert season of 1912-1913 signaled the end of the old cultural order, even before the anciens régîmes marched into a suicidal conflict in the trenches of the Great War. In May 1913, Paris had