African Studies Assoc UK2014 - Perhaps you missed? (Africa in Words)

If you missed ASAUK, or were torn over which panels to attend:

Africa in Words is running a series of posts reporting on panels from ASAUK - 

The first is available now, reporting on the 'Africa' sponsored panels on newspaper cultures:

Other posts will follow over the next two weeks. 

Did Germany bomb Nigeria in World War II?

I recently read news reports about some civilians abandoning the northern Nigerian city of Maiduguri because of rumors that Boko Haram, an Islamist militant group active in the region, might attack the city.  I mentioned this news to a friend who worked in northern Nigeria 35 years ago, and he said that it would not be the first time Maiduguri had been attacked.  He said "the Germans bombed it in World War II."  Is this true?  I was able to find an online mention or two that said that the British--Nigeria was a British colony until 1960--established an airbase in Maiduguri during the war.


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