Weekly News Roundup

Protests in Lebanon over Nursa Front Killing


The killing by Nusra Front, an al-Qaeda-linked Sunni armed group, of a Lebanese security officer has prompted protests by his family members and supporters in eastern Lebanon.

Weekly News Roundup

Will Rasmea Odeh Go to Prison Because of a Confession Obtained Through Torture?
Rasmea Odeh was one month old when her family fled from their home in Lifta, a village outside Jerusalem. By February 1948, the Zionist army had destroyed Lifta and expelled its residents as part of its strategy to take control of Jerusalem.

Weekly News Roundup

Palm Center and ACLU Host Convening on Lessons Learned from Transgender Service in Foreign Militaries

WASHINGTON - Currently serving ​transgender service members from five of the 18 foreign militaries that allow transgender service today gathered alongside U.S. service members in Washington D.C.

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