Re: Coronavirus on the ground--what have you seen?

I'm in Guangzhou, the third-biggest city in China, which is sometimes better known by its Portuguese name (Canton). We are about 1000 km south of Wuhan and about 100 km to the west of Hong Kong. City life is pretty quiet these days. That's mostly because Spring Festival (lunar New Year) has been extended. Like many cities in China, a lot of Guangzhou's population live here for work, but they have another city they call their hometown. So, they had already headed home a week or so before the holiday and before the news broke.

Re: Coronavirus on the ground--what have you seen?

Taipei -with 10 reported "Wuhan virus" cases as of 1 February in Taiwan, I'd say about 60-70% of people on Taipei's streets are wearing face masks, 80-90% on buses, and near 100% on the subway. Demand is definitely greater than supply, despite an export ban. The government is trying to be reassuring and also crack down on rumors (e.g., such-and-such a hospital secretly has cases). Public buildings such as post offices have put out alcohol sprays in their entrances, but hand-spraying is not required. The collective memory of SARS is definitely strong.

Coronavirus on the ground--from Beijing

I'm in Beijing, which is certainly on the quiet side, but nothing like a ghost town.

About half of the shops are closed, which I suspect is due partially to the fact that workers would have gone home for the New Year, and have not yet come back. Most big businesses have delayed reopening, some with pay, some without.

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