Junk Mail, Generic Papers, and Real Estate News: The Unread Media of the Gilded Age and Progressive Era

Chair and Commentator: Richard John, Columbia University

Property and the Black Press in Jim Crow America
Cara Caddoo, Indiana University

Augusta, Maine, Mail-Order Magazines, and the Political Economy of Junk in Gilded Age America 
Richard Popp, University of Wisconsin–Milwaukee

Delivering Local News via Mass Media: The Hearst Newspaper Chain, 1910 –1930
Julia Guarneri, University of Cambridge

New York Public Library offers digital public domain collections


On January 5, the New York Public Library announced that it is making more than 180,000 items available as high resolution downloads.  The items are offered for re-use free of copyright restrictions.  All subsequently released public domain collections will be offered in the same way.



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