Last Call (deadline extended): EEPS workshop on “How to Get your Paper Published in an International Journal” in Lviv, June 26, 2018

Call for Papers -- deadline extended to March 5, 2018:

Workshop on “How to Get your Paper Published in an International Journal”

Monthly Publications Update, Nov-Jan

Dalle Mulle, Emmanuel.  The Nationalism of the Rich: Discourses and Strategies of Separatist Parties in Catalonia, Flanders, Northern Italy and Scotland.  London: Routledge, 2018.

(Global, Transnational, Comparative - Western Europe, Catalonia, Spain, Scotland, UK, Flanders, Belgium, Northern Italy, Italy - welfare nationalism - minority nationalism, ethnic politics - comparative history - content analysis.) 

ANN: New Publications?

Dear List Members,

After a haitus, we're going to resume our monthy review of new publications in the historical and cultural study of emotion and affect.  If you have published anything in our field in the last six months -- or know of any work you'd like to be included -- please email the reference to by Saturday, February 10th.

Thanks so much!

All best,

NEW BOOKS> Hamburg Buddhist Studies Series, Volumes 7 – 10

Hamburg Buddhist Studies Series, Volumes 7 – 10

Series Editors: Steffen Döll & Michael Zimmermann


Volume 7

The Eighth Karmapa’s Life and his Interpretation of the Great Seal Path – A Religious Life and Instructional Texts in Historical and Doctrinal Contexts
by Jim Rheingans

projektverlag, Bochum/Freiburg 2017
Hardcover, 243 pages, € 25.80

ISSN 2190-6769
ISBN 978-3-89733-422-9

From the Web: New Books Network

Book Channel subscribers, and fans of new academic works more broadly, will be interested to discover the New Books Network. This consortium of podcasts, sponsored by Amherst College Press, posts audio interviews with authors about their new scholarly publications. With over sixty new interviews per month in dozens of academic fields, New Books Network podcasts are another great source of information about and discussion of academic books.


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