Re: Marcius Willson and use of NJ respositories

Dear Prof. Knupfer,
Good morning! I am happy to read about your travels to New Jersey and the success you achieved while researching. However, I am fully aware and sympathetic to your two observations about the lack of access to collections, especially those of NJHS. I, too, find it extremely perplexing that any organization operates this way in 2018. It is a shame that I as a genealogical lecturer, I actually discourage researchers from going to NJHS because of the level of frustration they *will* experience.

Re: Childhood-Related Source Materials: Library Building Project

Hi, Emily 1/30/2018

re: primary source materials related to childhood studies in order to build a resource library

What an admirable project!

Keep children's health/nutrition/pediatrics in mind as a topic and great source of artifacts that all ages can relate to.


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