Re: Film Review--Peter Jackson's "They Shall Not Grow Old"

I saw the movie with a male friend (some of the imagery is pretty rough, and probably not suitable for more sensitive types, including my dear wife).
I was taken with three things, to wit:
First, the pretty astounding technical accomplishment of taking 100 year old movies and making them look completely modern, even in quite authentic-looking color. I saw the 3-D version; the effect was subtly done, but is a no less astonishing technical achievement. Watching and hearing some of the subjects speak (these were silent films!) was yet another subtle but stunning feat.

Film Review--Peter Jackson's "They Shall Not Grow Old"

All:   My wife, oldest son (army vet) and I went and viewed Peter Jackson's documentary film in a special showing in Kansas City last night at a local theater (it was a special showing and tickets had to be ordered onhline in advance).

I will not say too much about how the film came to be made and Jackson's choices,  he does a more than wonderful job of explaining things both at the beginning of the film as well as in a must see "documentary of the documentary" after the credits for the main event are finished rolling.

Landmark Asian American history films available for streaming

Emmy award-winning producer Loni Ding’s landmark collection of films on Asian immigration to the Americas and Asian American history are now available on DVD with digital site license for campus streaming, or select films may be viewed on Kanopy.

Listed below, these are timeless films providing essential history for contemporary discussions about immigration. 

Newly Restored Shirley Clarke films

Many H-Film subscribers will recall that Dennis Doros of Milestone Films has been a long subscriber to our list.  Some of you may also be aware of Milestone’s role in restoring and making available important films like Charles Burnett’s Killer of Sheep, a film that many of us knew about for decades but were unable to see before Milestone, working with UCLA, restored it and made it available on DVD.   Now they are adding to their growing list of important restorations with two new releases on DVD and           Blu-Ray films by Shirley Clarke—Portrait of Jason (1967) and


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