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H-Net has been vital for my research for over 20 years. It’s remarkably useful for making contacts with scholars and seeing what’s happening my field. I look forward to getting the alerts every day. H-Net has also been of vital importance for the New Books Network, which I founded and run. Using it, we have had great success in recruiting academics to host NBN podcasts. I’m not sure the NBN could have grown the way it has without H-Net and all the scholars on it. I urge you to donate to this great resource.


Nataliya Shpylova Interviews Olena Palko and Constantin Ardeleanu on New Books Network about their book, "Making Ukraine: Negotiating, Contesting, and Drawing the Borders in the Twentieth Century"

Olena Palko and Constantin Ardeleanu

Jul 26, 2022

Making Ukraine

Negotiating, Contesting, and Drawing the Borders in the Twentieth Century


You can listen to the interview here

Member book, Hsueh, "Micro-institutional Foundations of Capitalism: Sectoral Pathways to Globalization in China, India, and Russia"

Dear Colleagues,

I am delighted to announce the publication of my new book. I hope it will be of interest to many of you. Please find below information on the book, including bibliographic details and table of contents. It is now available in print (paperback and hardcover) and electronic formats.

Join us as a host for New Books Network in Spanish

The New Books Network is a consortium of author-interview podcast channels dedicated to raising the level of public discourse by introducing scholars and other serious writers to a wide public via new media. Covering 90+ subjects, disciplines, and genres, we publish 55 episodes every week and serve a large, worldwide audience. We are about to celebrate the first anniversary of a parallel platform for interviews conducted entirely in Spanish.

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