CFP- 53rd NeMLA: Decentering the Anthropos: Slow Literature, and Cinema / September 30 deadline

53rd NeMLA Convention, Baltimore, Maryland, March 10, 2022
CFP: Decentering the Anthropos: Slow Literature, and Cinema
Deadline for Submissions: September 30, 2021
The speed of our lives since the early stages of modernity created a reaction to the compression of time, acceleration of mobility, and the imperative to become more and more efficient.


La familia en la literatura del Siglo de Oro (Panel, NeMLA 2022, Baltimore March 10-13)

Chair: Ignacio D. Arellano-Torres

Deadline: 30 Septiembre, 2021

El presente panel tiene como objetivo analizar las poéticas y políticas de la familia en la literatura. El panel está abierto a propuestas relacionadas con los estudios de la temprana modernidad en la literatura hispánica (siglos XVI-XVII). Se aceptarán propuestas en inglés y español.

NeMLA 2022 Baltimore: Uses and Misuses of Care in a Critical Posthumanist Framework

Critical posthumanism is situated at the intersection of posthuman studies, ecocriticism, technology studies, and ethics, where human exceptionalism is rejected in favor of an ontologically diverse approach to human existence. Here, the normative anthropocentric view of the world is replaced with a more immanent and equitable paradigm where human subjects are asked to reconsider their relationship with others, especially non-human others who share their environment, in a relational way. This approach demands that the subject-object relation be formed co-constitutively.

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