ANN: IMCoS Map Lectures: The Malcolm Young Lecture by Daniel Crouch--Armada Maps

The annual Malcolm Young Lecture, hosted by the International Map Collectors' Society (IMCoS) will be given by Daniel Crouch on June 9 at 7PM (BST). Mr. Crouch will give a talk entitled: A Protestant Wind or Hot Air? A study of the Astor Armada drawings



Re: McMullen Panel: Amphibious Operations or Soviet Navy

Dear Dr. Heck,

We'd be glad to speak about the naval-landing operations that formed a major part of the Soviet plan to intervene in the 1967 Arab-Israeli Six-Day War. As described in our books listed below, these operations were partly implemented in that war and in the subsequent Egyptian-Israeli War of Attrition.

Please let us know how to submit a proposal in time for the imminent deadline that you mentioned.

Many thanks and best of health,

Re: McMullen Panel: Amphibious Operations or Soviet Navy

Hi Mr Heck

I wrote an article for MCU Journal ( now JAMS, I think) about the origin of modern amphibious operations.

I'm interested in a panel on amphibious operations

Kind Regards,
TJ Linzy

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