Re: Thumbs on Wampum Belts

Thanks for your reply and for the Newberry reference, Cole.

The document has been translated and transcribed, and it is a letter from White to his superior, Governor Carondelet. Mad Dog planned to visit White to apologize for his (alleged) role in the killing of a PLC trader in Upper Creek country. The Creeks' war with the Chickasaws presented him with an opportunity to do so. I like your idea about a thumb as a unit of measurement. That makes sense.


Re: Thumbs on Wampum Belts

I've got a couple of questions:
1. Is there an interpreter's signature on the document or an interpreter's name mentioned in the document itself?
2. Is the document an original or is this a transcription, and was it in Spanish?
3. Did Ifa Haujo come at the request of White or was his visit unexpected?


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