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Dear Daniele and Cristian, thanks very much! These are all wonderfully useful information. I've been planning to write an article about the discrimination against Roma communities in Europe during the pandemic, focusing on the rhetoric and representation in the various countries, also taking in account the posts and responses on digital media. It would be useful to have co-authors for such a large-scale project. So if anybody is interested in this or would like to work together, please get in touch with me at

The Nature of the Minority Question in Northern Ireland: 100 Years of Ethnic Conflict

H-Nationalism is proud to publish here the seventh post of its “Minorities in Contemporary and Historical Perspectives” series, which looks at majority-minority relations from a multi-disciplinary and diachronic angle. Today’s contribution, by Brian Girvin (University of Glasgow), takes a look at a hundred years of majority-minority relations in Northern Ireland.

International Conference - The self-determination of Timor-Leste: Resistance, Diplomacy, Solidarity (UPDATE - NEW DATES)

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Call for Papers
January 18, 2021 to January 22, 2021
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