Interview with Frances Karttunen

On the Website Nahuatlstudies.blogspot, Magnus Pharao Hansen has included a recent interview with Frances Karttunen.  Fran was instrumental in the creation of the three periods of Nahuatl in the colonial period in collaboration with James Lockhart, that was made famous in his book, Nahuas After the Conquest.  She, of course, is well known because of her Analytical Dictionary of Nahuatl.​​​​​​​

Female figurine found in Veracruz

In the last few days, there have been reports of a female figurine found in a Veracruz field.  Stylistically it seems to be between Huastecan and Mexica. You may ignore the Star Wars reference in the Live Science post.


Additional images from INAH can be found here:


Tecoaque - Zultepec

A story in making the rounds of international newspapers about finds at the Archeological Zone of Tecoaque / Zultepec.  According to the stories, this was a town rampaged by the Spanish after members of the Cortes expedition had been captured and sacrificed.

CFP: Northeastern Nahuatl Conference May 2021

The Northeastern Group of Nahuatl Scholars 2021 meeting will be held virtually from May 6-8.  Scholars interested in presenting may now send in their proposals, with a 250-word abstract.  Successful proposals will be notified by March 1.  After that proposals will be accepted on a space-available basis. The format of the conference will be a zoom meeting from 11 AM EDT – 5 PM EDT on each of the three days.  These times are five hours behind GMT.


Interview with R. Joe Campbell

From:  Magnus Pharao Hansen, University of Copenhagen

In 2018 I had an interview with Joe that we did after the Friends of Uto-Aztecan meetings in Guadalajara, and which I just published on my blog. It talks about his long career in Nahuatl, and his ongoing Molina project. 

Here is the link:


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