Call for Ideas

Hello everyone!

I am currently researching instances of The Hero's Journey throughout world history, and would like to request help finding tales that match the traditional hero archetype. If anyone happens to have a relevant folktale, myth, or oral tradition in mind that might fit the description, please let me know! I will be eagerly monitoring this discussion, and you can also reach me at I appreciate everyone's help.


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Call for Suggestions

Hello All! Nice to meet you.

I am currently conducting research for a thesis on representations of the Hero's Journey throughout cultures and timelines, and am asking for any suggestions fellow scholars on the forum might have on stories, literature, folktales or myths that meet the traditional archetype. If anyone has a story that comes to mind, please feel free to respond to this thread or e-mail me at, and I'll gladly read into it!


I appreciate everyone's help,

Ryan Horton

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