"Olde England on the Ohio: Louisville's Tudor Revival" Opens November 4, 2022

Louisville’s residents and visitors often note the city’s proliferation of Tudor Revival architecture. From homes to businesses, churches to charities, Louisville has retained an impressive Tudor Revival collection, including several neighborhoods where it is the dominant style.

"Mid-Century New Jersey" Exhibit Opening Sunday, March 31st at the Cornelius Low House!

America emerged from the Second World War with all the swagger of a new superpower that had just beaten fascism and was making the world safe for democracy. The postwar boom propelled unparalleled economic growth towards a bright and shiny future of atomic power and gleaming appliances.

"Muslims in Brooklyn" Oral History Project

This recent conversation on WNYC public radio, New York City, between Alison Stewart and Zaheer Ali about the oral history/public history project, "Muslims in Brooklyn," is well worth hearing in full -- both for its samples from the oral history interviews and for Ali's explanations of how to do oral history and why it matters. 

Call for 1950's Artifacts for Cornelius Low House exhibition Piscataway (Middlesex County Office of Arts & History)

I'm forwarding a message from the curator of one of my favorite NJ museums/historic houses. (I've consulted on past exhibitions there, but not this one.)

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