CFP: [Frist verlängert] Identités littéraires franco-allemandes / Deutsch-französische Schriftstelleridentitäten (01.06.2021)

[Frist verlängert]

Identités littéraires franco-allemandes 

Deutsch-französische Schriftstelleridentitäten


Recherches Germaniques, hors-série n° 18, 2023


Numéro dirigé par / Herausgegeben von 

Maryse Staiber, Pr, Université de Strasbourg, UR 1341, Mondes germaniques et nord-européens 

Dirk Weissmann, Pr, Université Toulouse Jean-Jaurès, Centre de Recherches et d’Études Germaniques, CREG




MLA 2022: Word Play: Nonstandard English and Multilingualism in Children’s and Young Adult Literature (Guaranteed Panel)

Children’s literature in English has long been a tool for literacy instruction and acculturation to English language, used both as a tool for learning and as a force for homogenization within histories of Anglophone colonialism and imperialism. As scholars and professors dedicated to exploring the ways in which texts for young people make meaning, we know that language functions as both a tool of empowerment and one of imprisonment.


Playing off the MLA 2022 Presidential theme, “Multilingual US,” this panel seeks papers that consider multilingualism in a Hebrew cultural context. Numerous factors have contributed to the development of Hebrew culture as a site for negotiations with and through other languages: a vibrant translation enterprise (both to and from Hebrew), diverse historical and geographic trajectories, emigration and immigration, and the ongoing conflict with the Palestinians, to name only a few.

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