CFP: 'Africa-Asia, A New Axis of Knowledge' - Second Edition

We invite proposals for (institutional) panels, roundtables, exhibitions, documentaries, papers, (MA and PhD) dissertations and book presentations for the international conference 'Africa-Asia, A New Axis of Knowledge' - Second Edition.

Deadline: Proposals should be in English or French. They should be submitted online by 1 February 2018.

Introduction, by Patrick Cox

Our first Roundtable takes on the pretty salient question for the launch of H-Midwest, “Why Midwestern Studies?” Working to establish a “new” multi-disciplinary field can have kind of a Frankenstein-ish feel to it: slicing and dicing up parts of existing fields—lit study, economics, history, sociology—and stitching them together in a form we claim is different from everything that once was. Inevitably, that new monster will be different from what has come before, but the trick is in making sure the new thing is different enough.

CFP: Reimagining the Child: Next Steps in the Study of Childhood(s)

Call for Papers

Reimagining the Child: Next Steps in the Study of Childhood(s)

A Graduate Student Conference                                                                                

Re: Big History?

Not sure that Kevin's claim that in big history or in the Big History Project "most of the narrative seems to focus on human preexistence" is accurate. However, that might be the general perception because big history does integrate history at very large scales indeed to include story of Big Bang, Birth of Stars, Birth of Elements, Formation of Earth, and Evolution of Life, which certainly does make it unique.

Re: Big History?

Human-centric historians? This is an interesting concept to consider when thinking about human history. World History offers a holistic perspective that introduces us to understanding the intersections and connections that shape human experiences. This worldview includes ways that human beings have had an influence on the environment and in turn the way the environment has shaped the entire range of human development from the first hominids to the contemporary era.


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