Dissertation on Gus Hall

Dear colleagues,

In December I succesfully defended my doctoral dissertation on Gus Hall at the University of Helsinki. The digital version of the dissertation is now available on the website of The Finnish Society of Sciences and Letters and can be downloaded from there:


If anyone is interested in buying a hard copy of the dissertation, it is possible through the website of science bookstore Tiedekirja in Helsinki:

Anoka County Historical Society: Desert Storm Trading Cards

Museums of Minnesota

Although the Gulf War did not have the same impact on home front life as WWII in terms of rationing or sacrifices asked of the general population, it was nevertheless a conflict much in the public eye and mind. For families with soldiers actually fighting in the conflict, it was of course just as difficult as previous wars had been.

Anoka County Historical Society: Islands of Peace

Museums of Minnesota

“I watched the cars with their boats and campers going up north to get away for a while and find some cool spot to enjoy. This is fine for those people, but then I would come back to the cities and go [to] the Vets hospital, soldier’s home and the nursing homes. These people had no place to go and if they did, there is nobody to take them even for an hour or a day."

Officials Visiting Islands Of Peace

Officials touring the site of the proposed Islands of Peace park on August 22, 1972, riding on a pontoon boats. Attendees included Senator Hubert Humphrey, Ed Wilmes of Fridley, and Minnesota Governor Wendell Anderson. Three islands, located in the Mississippi River just north of Highway 694, were involved in the project to construct park areas for the handicapped and disabled veterans.

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