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“I watched the cars with their boats and campers going up north to get away for a while and find some cool spot to enjoy. This is fine for those people, but then I would come back to the cities and go [to] the Vets hospital, soldier’s home and the nursing homes. These people had no place to go and if they did, there is nobody to take them even for an hour or a day."

Officials Visiting Islands Of Peace

Officials touring the site of the proposed Islands of Peace park on August 22, 1972, riding on a pontoon boats. Attendees included Senator Hubert Humphrey, Ed Wilmes of Fridley, and Minnesota Governor Wendell Anderson. Three islands, located in the Mississippi River just north of Highway 694, were involved in the project to construct park areas for the handicapped and disabled veterans.

Summer 2018 NEH Institute for College and University Teachers, Adjuncts [Independent Scholars] and ABDs: Thresholds of Change: Modernity and Transformation in the Mediterranean, 1400-1700

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Summer Program
June 18, 2018 to July 14, 2018

Re: Minnesota State Public School: They Were Children...Not Numbers

Here's a story from a Minnesota that just appeared on 9/30/2017 about a former Minnesota State Public School resident: This bit of Midwest history is still very much alive and relevant.

Museums of Minnesota

Readers of H-Rural may be interested in some of the posts appearing lately in the Museums of Minnesota blog on H-Midwest. Many of them are coming from county historical societies in the state. Curators and archivists have been sharing documents and photos from their collections that tell histories from the area that are largely tales of rural life in the upper Midwest.

Lanesboro Historical Museum: Telling Lanesboro’s story. That’s what we do.

Museums of Minnesota



Lanesboro Museum just finished a three year project to enter all the artifacts in our collection into a searchable database.  Quite a feat for a museum in a town of 750 people.  We finished the project by reorganizing the photography room and giving our new acquisition, a Fifield painting of Matt Bue, its rightful place in the center of the exhibit.


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