Mining the Logs

Hello everyone. H-Net has been working on their "Mining the Logs" project for the past year. Both mining and logs seem particularly appropriate for H-West. There's many years' worth of valuable material in there. H-Net describes it thus:

"The project is a transfer of relevant resources, discussions, queries, syllabuses and more from the archives of the old platform: To do this, we looked through the archive month by month and selected titles that appeared multiple times, then we created an “advanced search” and made a view to contain only that discussion."

Mining the H-New-Jersey logs

As part of the H-Net 25th Anniversary Crossroads commemoration, over the past year the editors at H-Net have been looking through the logs of the various networks from back in the listserv era (prior to 2014), and publishing a sort of "greatest hits" compilation of threads they found to be especially active. Today they contacted the editors of H-NJ to let us know our network has been added to the Mining the Logs collection.

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