REPLY: Colonial gold mining, esp. Brazil

Dear Vera,
I will add some:

Claudia Leal's first chapter of her book Landscapes of freedom does an excellent job showing how gold was crucial for both the enslavement of thousands of Africans and their emancipation. It cites also a lot of the relevant work on mining in New Granada, in the colonial period.

Colonial Placer Mining in New Granada written by Robert West is a classic, with a lot of detailed information for mining in the Spanish America.

REPLY: Colonial gold mining, esp. Brazil

I concur with all excellent suggestions already mentioned, especially Russell-Wood's synthetic chapter and Higgins' book. I'd add TePaske's "A New World of Gold and Silver" as a more general overview. Antonil's "Brazil at the Dawn of eighteenth-century" is an invaluable primary source. Costa & Rocha's "O Ouro do Brasil" is excellent, as everything they have published on the matter. Might be useful to check Carlos Kelmer Mathias's "As Múltiplas Faces da Escravidão".

REPLY: Colonial gold mining, esp. Brazil

An excellent study of social dynamics in the Brazilian gold mining context is:

Higgins, Kathleen J., _Licentious Liberty in a Brazilian Gold-Mining Region: Slavery, Gender, and Social Control in Eighteenth-Century Sabara', Minas Gerais_ (The Pennsylvania State University Press, University Park, Pennsylvania, 1999).

Best, Joanne Kropp, PhD, The University of Texas at El Paso (Retired)

QUERY: Colonial gold mining, esp. Brazil

Dear colleagues:

I'm in need of recommendations for readings on two topics relating to gold.

Priority is gold mining in colonial Brazil in particular, but also elsewhere in the Ibero-Americas during the colonial period. It's for a graduate course, mainly. 

Parallel to that, I'd also be grateful for readings on gold coinage and minting in Spanish and Portuguese empires.

English would be great, but I'll take any language.

With gratitude for any leads,


Virtual Speaker Series Event Lianne C. Leddy on Cold War Colonialism March 30th

Cold War Colonialism: Anishinaabek Responses to Uranium Mining at Elliot Lake by Lianne C. Leddy

In this talk, Leddy will discuss Serpent River First Nation’s resilience in confronting colonial extractive practices during the Cold War period. Relying on oral and archival research methods, Leddy argues that Anishinaabek responses to the devastating impacts of uranium mining in our territory were framed by a powerful understanding of health and homeland.

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