In this inaugural post for the H-CivWar Author's Blog, Daniel Farrell, Ph.D. Candidate at the University of Cincinnati, introduces his dissertation project, emphasizing how early-stage research projects can quickly take on new directions.

First, thanks to everyone who has spearheaded this project for the last several weeks. I am perhaps the odd one out as I am currently a graduate student, and I am working on my dissertation, which will be the subject of my posts. I recently returned from a lengthy research trip, and I am excited to begin being more active here on H-CivWar, and hopefully will

Camp Nelson, a National Monument

Randolph Hollingsworth (she/her) Blog Post

The first national monument in Kentucky is Camp Nelson, (see the National Park Service website here). It was formerly owned by Jessamine County and widely revered as the Camp Nelson Civil War Heritage Park. A five hundred and twenty-five acre plot of the site was designated as a National Historic Landmark in 2013 (see the Herald-Leader article on this recognition), and the planning for the National Park Service to conduct a feasibility study for national monument status got under way.

Camp Nelson was originally established by an order by President Abraham Lincoln and included a supply depot