Oxford Institute for Energy Studies (OIES) Paper, "Challenges to the Future of Gas: unburnable or unaffordable?" by Jonathan Stern

Dear H-Energy members,

The OIES has had a number of very interesting papers, comments, and insights publications on various energy issues over the past few months. The most recent paper, "Challenges to the Future of Gas: unburnable or unaffordable?" pertains to the future of natural gas as a transition fuel globally, rather than a discussion limited to the EU.

New Pictorial in the Library of Congress

Several outlets have covered the acquisition and digitization of a Mexican pictorial manuscript called variously the Codex Quetzalecatzin or the Mapa Ecatepec-Huitziltepec.  The piece dates from the last quarter of the sixteenth century and details the descendents of Lord Quetzalecatzin. 


Here is the link to the manuscript:



And to the press release from the Library:


New Publication: "Socialisms in Development"

Dear colleagues,

I am glad to announce the publication of a special issue on "Socialisms in Development" that might be of interest to the members of this list:

Journal für Entwicklungspolitik [Austrian Journal of Development Studies]

Volume XXXIII • Issue 3 • 2017 Socialisms in Development (ed. Eric Burton)


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