Bulletin of Hispanic Studies Volume 95, Issue 4 (April 2018)

Since its founding by Edgar Allison Peers in 1923, Bulletin of Hispanic Studies has become the foremost British academic journal devoted to the languages, literatures and civilizations of Spain, Portugal and Latin America.

The above issue is now available online at: http://online.liverpooluniversitypress.co.uk/toc/bhs/95/4?ai=s8&ui=273v&af=T

Re: Campbell on Deare, 'A Tale of Two Eagles: The US-Mexico Bilateral Defense Relationship Post Cold War'

Just as a follow-up on a couple of typos:

1) Dear wrote his dissertation on Carlos Salinas, not Ernesto Salinas, and
2) The acronym for US Northern Command is NORTHCOM, not NROTHCOM.

My apologies, and thank you for reading this review.


Justin Campbell


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