Call for Papers - Entremons Journal of World History

Dear tlamachtiltin,

From the editorial board of Entremons: UPF Journal of World History we invite you to send us an original text for its possible inclusion in the next issue of our journal. Entremons: UPF Journal of World History is an annual publication sponsored by the University Pompeu Fabra and accepts both academic articles and recently published books' reviews about World History.

Re: Lectura del náhuatl: versión revisada y aumentada

I would like to thank my teachers, the nahuatlatos who have contributed to this list over the years (decades, in fact), for sharing their knowledge and insights. There are citations of posts to the Nahuat-l list sprinkled throughout the footnotes of this book, which is an attempt to pack the basics of colonial central Mexican Nahuatl into a coherent package, so that present and future generations of students won't have to do what we did, that is, work with a large pile of colonial and modern grammars, puzzling over how their diverse orthographies and terminologies interrelate.

Texas Mesoamerican Meetings

What used to be the Texas Maya meetings have now broadened out to include all of Ancient Mesoamerica.  The organizers are praticularly interested in have folks working on the Nahua and other groups to apply.  Unfortunately the deadline for proposals is fast approaching, October 23.  Please consider a proposal.  The submission link is as follows:
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