Re: Mentoring Discussion Series Launch

You may also end up at a community college.

-The course sizes will be smaller but the number of sections will be higher. The base load for my department is 21 contact hours (or 7 sections) per semester.

- Smaller sections will allow for more personal interactions with students but you will encounter few history majors, as you'll mostly be teaching survey courses for students needing a gen-ed requirement.

Re: Mentoring Discussion Series Launch

I wish I had realized just how costly it would be to do community-based archival research, and the paucity of funding, at the institutional, regional, and state levels for such work. Most of the archives I work with (women's clubs) are held privately and scattered across the state (Florida), so I've become a "road warrior" to follow my research agenda. For the past several years, I have taught online, asynchronous summer courses to fund my research travel. The lack of funding is a real deterrent to tackling larger-scale synthesis projects.

Re: Mentoring Discussion Series Launch

I wish that I had known that being a professor is not like being a graduate student.
* You do not have time to read all the new books even in one of your fields. You will try to keep up with book reviews but even that falls off as you keep having more job duties to perform and deadlines to meet. Most of the new scholarship gets skimmed when doing research or preparing a new class.

Mentoring Discussion Series Launch

Mentoring Discussion Series, Question 1: 

What do you wish you'd known when you were just starting out in the field?

We really hope that a wide variety of scholars will join in this discussion thread and lend advice to their more junior counterparts.  H-SAWH is designed to help female and gender historians connect with and support one another, and we hope that this discussion series will further these goals.

H-SAWH Mentoring Discussion Series

In April, H-SAWH will be launching a new mentoring discussion series.  One of the principal goals of H-SAWH is to provide a forum for exchange between graduate students, junior scholars, and senior scholars, and we hope this discussion series will provide an opportunity for senior scholars to share insights and experience.  

HELP WANTED! NJ History Day Judging

It is that time of year again! New Jersey History Day's staff and Advisory Board have been busy planning regional competitions, as part of the National History Day program in our state. Having knowledgeable judges is an essential part of why our program has had so much success in NJ schools and nationally. Approximately 5,000 students take part in the New Jersey program each year, providing students much needed critical thinking and essential research skills. Most importantly, students experience just how exciting and relevant history is in their lives.  

Elizabeth Kolmer Award — Request for Nominations by Dec. 15, 2015

Members, former members, and friends of the Mid-America American Studies Association (MAASA) are invited to nominate individuals for MAASA’s annual Elizabeth Kolmer Award. The Kolmer Award honors teaching and mentoring in the field of American Studies as well as service to MAASA.

Call for Applications: AIMS graduate student mentoring program

The American Institute for Maghrib Studies (AIMS) calls for applications for its year-long mentoring program. This program, piloted in 2014, responds to needs communicated through the AIMS Graduate Student Association (GSA). Noting that graduate students often have little to no contact with regional specialists at their home institutions, the AIMS mentoring program seeks to provide greater opportunities for interaction with established North Africanists.

Ann: SMFS Mentoring Exchange

Dear Colleagues,

The Society for Medieval Feminist Scholarship invites delegates of the May 2014 Kalamazoo medieval congress to participate in the Annual SMFS Mentoring Exchange.

Graduate students, independent scholars, junior and senior faculty members - anyone at any stage in his/her career is welcome to participate as either mentors or mentees (or both).

Deadline for exchange registration: April 16. Please email me (Leah Schwebel) at with the following information:

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