Remember the Fallen - November

Submission from Noonie Fortin

This month please remember these women who died during November while serving our country in or during war times:


1 Nov 1898:                   Army Contract Nurse Elizabeth Flanagan (Nun—Sister M Elizabeth),Typhoid Fever, SPANISH AMERICAN WAR

1 Nov 1944:                   USA ANC 1LT Aleda Lutz, plane crash, Italy, WW II

1 Nov 2007:                   WIARNG 2LT Tracy Alger, 30, IRAQ

1 Nov 2011:                   OKARNG SPC Sarina N Butcher, 19, IED, AFGHANISTAN

Robert J. Smith, anthropologist (1927-2016)

I have just belately received the sad news of the loss of Bob Smith, and would like to pass the word along briefly in case others have missed it as well.

Robert J. Smith (1927-2016), one of the leading anthropologists in the postwar study of Japan, passed away "fairly peacefully" in Ithaca NY on 11 October 2016. Bob was 89, and is survived by his wife Kazuko.

In Memoriam: F.K. Lehman (F. K. L. U Chit Hlaing), 1924-2016

Professor F.K. Lehman (F. K. L. U Chit Hlaing), renowned anthropologist and Asia scholar, wide-ranging expert on Burma and its peoples, passed away several days ago. He was professor emeritus at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Professor Lehman is being widely remembered and there are surely obituaries to come. A memorial website was set up at the Center for Burma Studies which he helped found, at Northern Illinois University. It can be found via, or directly here:   

Gene Cooper, China anthropologist and beloved mentor, passes at 68

It is with immense sadness that we break the news of loss: Professor Eugene Cooper passed away last weekend from an infection likely related to a recently diagnosed illness. Professor Cooper was a specialist in temple fairs and craft production. We share a short video of Professor Cooper discussing his latest research on temples fairs to convey something of the spirit that has just left this world -- the effervescence with which he explains effervescence is his trademark.


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