CFP: Vom Hymnus zum Gebet, Stiftsbibliothek St. Gallen (30.06.2020)

DFG-Projekt "Online-Repertorium der mittelalterlichen deutschen Übertragungen lateinischer Hymnen und Sequenzen (Berliner Repertorium)"
SNF-Projekt "Deutschsprachige Gebetbuchliteratur des Mittelalters. Untersuchungen zu ihrer Überlieferung, Form und Funktion"

Vom Hymnus zum Gebet

Re: Medieval Christian adoption of Jewish Sabbath

I would be extremely interested in this question as well. In the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries Iberian missionaries were distressed about the observance of the Saturday sabbath in the Orthodox Ethiopian church. It was among the Judaizing heresies they railed against. I was not aware, however, that Saturday observance had come up much earlier in Raymond de Penaforte’s Summa, well before Ethiopians and Europeans had much contact. Of course, there had long been an important Ethiopian presence in Jerusalem.

Iwasa Miyoko 岩佐美代子 (1926–2020)

It is with sadness that I report the death of Iwasa Miyoko 岩佐美代子, a scholar of Heian and Kamakura literature whose foundational research on medieval poetry, interpretations of court women’s diaries, and annotations of poetry collections drew from a vast depth of poetic knowledge and set the bar for careful study.

CFP: Beyond ‘ Virgin ’ Lands: Interdisciplinary Approaches to Gendered Landscapes


Leeds IMC 2020 (6-9 July) Call for Papers

Beyond 'Virgin’ Lands: Interdisciplinary Approaches to Gendered Landscapes

Organised by Dr. Emma O’Loughlin Bérat (Independent/ Bonn Universität)and Dr. Karen Dempsey (University of Reading)

[CFP also available here:]

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