Re: 'Gender & Material Culture' Graduate Syllabus: suggestions?

You might look at thethe contributions to Making Gender with Things, English translation (available on line through JStor of Objets et Fabrication du genre. Autumn, 2014 issue (40) of Clio: Femmes, Histoire, Genre. Editors Leora Auslander, with Rebecca Rogers and Michelle Zancarini-Fournel. On material culture as a source for historians of gender and sexuality.
Leora Auslander
History, Univ. of Chicago

Re: 'Gender & Material Culture' Graduate Syllabus: suggestions?

Jo Paoletti's Pink and Blue: telling the boys from the girls in america is one of my go-to referrals for the topic of children's gendering and material culture.
I think looking at the presentation of very young children is especially effective because they were dressed almost without gender until school-age for most of portraited history. And now you'll see some parents push back on boys wearing even a plain daygown because it's a "dress".

Re: 'Gender & Material Culture' Graduate Syllabus: suggestions?

Hi Sophie,

I find that Building Houses Out of Chicken Legs by Psyche Williams-Forson (link below), is a great example of material culture and gender converging. I hope you find it useful!

'Gender & Material Culture' Graduate Syllabus: suggestions?

Hi, I'm teaching a new Graduate interdisciplinary seminar on "Gender & Material Culture" (keen to keep it open in terms of time/place as it will have a range of students), I would appreciate any suggestions for readings and approaches that have worked well, esp. in terms of methodology but also case-studies. Thanks!

Sophie White, Professor of American Studies, University of Notre Dame

Twenty Questions to Ask an Object

Special Thanks to Debby Andrews for sharing this great resource!  

The following is a report from a conference workshop held at the 2014 American Studies Association meeting. 

Twenty Years, Twenty Questions to Ask an Object


Friday November 7 2014

2:00 to 3:45pm, Westin Bonaventure, Level 1, Los Cerritos (L1)

Debby Andrews, Sarah Carter, Estella Chung, Ellen Garvey, Catherine Whalen


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