2019-2020 Winterthur Research Fellowships

The Winterthur Research Fellowship Program is accepting applications for 2019-2020. Please share this information with prospective applicants and/or post the announcement in your institution. The application deadline is January 15, 2019. For more information, please contact academicprograms@winterthur.org.

Call for Panelists- At Home in the Early Republic - SHEAR 2019

I'm hoping to create a panel for SHEAR 2019 on home--as idea, place, and practice--in the early Republic. My work focuses on black and white southerners' creation of home on plantations, but I can imagine a range of additional foci, including domesticity, kinship/family, architecture, landscape, domestic material culture, and home in urban areas. If you’re interested in contributing a paper to the panel, or serving as a chair or commentator, please email me at Whitney.Stewart@utdallas.edu


Whitney Stewart



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