3rd US Marines, Martial Law on Dist. of Columbia and Rioting 1968

Originally posted on Hwar, a little over a year ago, June, 2020, was this material and picture from the History of Vietnam War, in its midst, the assassination and murder of Martin Luther King, whose leadership in the Civil Rights movement of that era, was ended  during an appearance in Tennessee.

Re: Philippines military strength 1962-1990

This very useful little book from Helion in the UK (at a reasonable price), well illustrated and useful maps, is used as a primer from members of the Australian Army going to the country as part of the training team :

MORRIS Aaron. Counterinsurgency in Paradise. Seven Decades of Civil War in the Philippines. Asia @ War No 1. Helion, Solihull, 2017. Illustrated card cover, 64p., photographs, maps.

This photographic book has a section on vehicles in the period requested, both combat and support, of the army and marines, with useful descriptive photo captions.

Publication: John M. Collins, Martial Law and English Law, c. 1500 - c.1700 (New York: Cambridge University Press, 2016).

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John M. Collins, Lecturer in History at Eastern Washington University, has recently published a book on the origins of martial law in England, a subject that interests many H-Law subscribers. You may contact him at jcollins2@ewu.edu. He provides a description of his book below.


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