Re: Query: What are the single-volume histories of maps/cartography ??

Apart from some translated works (incl. coffee-table books like John Goss's 'The mapmaker's art), there don't really exist single volume histories of cartography/mapping in Dutch. There only is a small booklet:

Michels, F.W. & G.E.K. Brummer. 1971. Over cartografie. Een vlucht over het terrein van vogelvlucht- en andere kaarten, gewone en ongewone, eendrachtig gevlogen. (Amsterdam: Van Lindonk, 1971).

Published for Grolsch beer brewery, and accompanied by a series of bird's eye maps designed by Michels.

Re: Query: What are the single-volume histories of maps/cartography ??

Oswald Dreyer-Eimbcke (1988) Die Entdeckung der Erde: Geschichte und Geschichten des kartographischen Abenteuers. Frankfurt am Main: Umschau Verlag.
(Brazilian translation published in 1992 as "O descobrimento da terra: história e histórias da aventura cartográfica")

ANN: Coining and using the word "cartograph"

Dear All:

I posted, last  night, the product of several nights' insomnia, a piece examining the shifting meanings of the word "cartograph," a repeatedly created back formation in (primarily) American usage. Its different usages are revealing of attitudes towards the ideal of cartography.

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INFO: Map History Books of the Year, and of the Decade

Dear All:

I have posted two lists at Just now, a listing of the map history books of 2019 (as I saw them), and a few days ago my rather idiosyncratic list of the best map history books of the past decade.

I hope these are useful.

Enjoy! And Happy New Year to all,


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