National Votes for Women Trail markers in Kentucky

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The National Collaborative for Women's History Sites (NCWHS) is leading the effort to develop a National Votes for Women Trail (NVWT), originally as a part of the celebrations commemorating the centennial of the Nineteenth Amendment. (For more information about this national project, visit the About page at their website: The William G. Pomeroy Foundation sponsors the NVWT with donations of the distinctive NVWT national markers.

With the support of the Kentucky Woman Suffrage Project (KWSP), Kentucky has approximately 200 sites on the

African American Women and Suffrage in Louisville, A StoryMap with Biosketches

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We are very excited to introduce you to the new open access work by Dr. Carol Mattingly that provides great insight on the history of African American Women and Suffrage in Louisville. Dr. Mattingly, Professor Emerita of English at the University of Louisville, has been working for some time in a collaborative effort to find and collect together the evidence of African American women activism in Kentucky's largest city. Emily Barrett, a graduate student at the University of Kentucky, created the ArcGIS Story Map where the information can be found.

The site includes a general essay along with

Kentucky Woman Suffrage Association, 1881 Constitution and Charter Members

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As part of the Kentucky Woman Suffrage Project, H-Kentucky offers images of the original Constitution of the Kentucky Woman Suffrage Association (KWSA) adopted on October 27, 1881 - with many thanks to Sarah Dorpinhaus, Director of Digital Services in the University of Kentucky Special Collections Research Center. The Kentucky Woman Suffrage Association was founded after an American Woman Suffrage Association meeting in Louisville. The KWSA was the first woman suffrage organization to represent a state in the South. Similar to the AWSA, the KWSA encouraged men to be members and that "No

Louisville Suffrage Centennial Events - What's In the Works So Far

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Here's a list of planned events in Louisville that was forwarded to me from Genie Potter (representing KY with Vision 2020 in Philadelphia) and Marsha Weinstein (President of Board of Directors, National Collaborative for Women's History Sites now housed in the Francis Willard house museum in Indiana, and leading the collaborative National "Votes for Women" Trail).

ONGOING:  registration drive in various venues/places across city.  Participation on Ky Woman Suffrage Proj. Planning Committee ( including Kentucky "Votes for Women" Trail.              

League of

Consuming Suffrage

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Leaders of every successful movement find ways to market their ideas.  They may develop catchy slogans, enlist celebrity support, and even sell merchandise.  It turns out that suffrage supporters and organizations “marketed” their cause through a wide range of consumer goods, from whimsical collectibles to practical household items.  Thanks to my thoughtful sister, who at Christmas presented me with Women’s Suffrage Memorabilia: An Illustrated Historical Study and American Woman Suffrage Postcards: A Study and Catalog, I have been reading about the surprising array