Hidden History, first podcast for The Reckoning digital project on the history and impact of slavery in Kentucky

With the intricacies of the case surrounding the killing of Breonna Taylor, Louisville has caught the attention of an international community of peace and justice activists watching events unfolding in the U.S. Black Lives Matter movement. This scrutiny has influenced the creation of a new digital project focusing on the history and impact of slavery in the U.S. in particular as it manifested in Kentucky.

ANN: WVCI's National History Day grants for student prizes in Kentucky

For National History Day, 2020 Women's Vote Centennial Initiative provided grants to state history day programs which funded prizes for projects on the suffrage movement. For the National History Day competitions in Kentucky, the following prizewinning students earned WVCI grants for the Kentucky Historical Society:

Ann Taylor Allen, "Woman Suffrage and Progressive Reform in Louisville, 1908-1920," Ohio Valley History 20 (Spring 2020): 54-78.

Author: Ann Taylor Allen

Title: Woman Suffrage and Progressive Reform in Louisville, 1908-1920 

Publication: Ohio Valley History 20 (Spring 2020): 54-78.

N.B. This issue is available for a short time online, free and open via The Filson Historical Society website: https://filsonhistorical.org/wp-content/uploads/OVH_SPRING_20_MUSE.pdf

Moments of interracial cooperation in the Kentucky suffrage movement

Some questions have come up recently about examples within the Kentucky suffrage movement of black and white women working together to secure voting rights. 

Randolph Hollingsworth has written about one instance in 1915 in Bell County as reported in the Kentucky Equal Rights Association Minutes.  You can find information about it here: https://networks.h-net.org/node/2289/blog/2195693/working-across-racial-boundaries-bell-county-womens-suffrage

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