Query: Information on Hebrew language theater company/program for young people in Los Angeles in 1960s

Dear colleagues, 

I recently came across a reference to a young people’s Hebrew language  theater program that existed at least in the 1960s in Los Angeles (Bitsaron,  v. 47, gil. 236, p. 254) “ארגון התיאטרון העברי לנוער” under the auspices  of the Hebrew Language and Culture Association in Los Angeles (official  name in Hebrew: ההסתדרות העברית המרכזית בלוס-אנג'לס).

Job Announcement - Assistant Curator, Islamic Art, Los Angeles County Museum of Art

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Assistant Curator, Islamic Art

Los Angeles County Museum of Art

Closing date: May 12, 2019

The Los Angeles County Museum of Art is home to a highly significant collection of Islamic art. These widely diverse arts, from an area extending from southern Spain to Central Asia, trace the distinctive visual imagination of Islamic artists over a period of fourteen hundred years. This comprehensive collection consists of over 2,000 works.

ANN: In the Fields of Empty Days: The Intersection of Past and Present in Iranian Art – LACMA – May 6 – September 9, 2018

In the Fields of Empty Days explores the continuous and inescapable presence of the past in Iranian society. This notion is revealed in art and literature in which ancient kings and heroes are used in later contexts as paradigms of virtue or as objects of derision, while long-gone Shi‘ite saints are evoked as champions of the poor and the oppressed. Beginning in the 14th century, illustrated versions of the Shahnama recast Iran’s pre-Islamic kings and heroes as contemporary Islamic rulers and were used to justify and legitimize the ruling elite.

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