Changes to H-Net mailing lists

For over two decades, H-Net has used the venerable and high-powered LISTERV product to provide mailing list services for its networks and scholarly partners.  With our move to the H-Net Commons five years ago, and the attendant reduction in mail volume, it became difficult to justify spending H-Net's limited dollars on a support contract for the software.  As part of our modernization campaign, H-Net is now retiring LISTSERV.  We'll continue to operate a mailing list server using the open source software package mailman, to cover the few lists which still remain a

Re: H-Net is 25! Join the Celebration!

When I first joined the H-Net community in the mid 1990s, I was using the email from my graduate school program. Back then, everyone's email address was quite strictly dictated by each academic institution, but I somehow found a way for my UCLA email account to identify me as Lois "Puts the Femme in Feminist" Leveen. From time to time, I still come across another early user who, hearing the name Lois Leveen, remembers that.

FIU Khoja Studies listserv: Rethinking Religion in the Western Indian Ocean World

The Western Indian Ocean Studies Program at Florida International University in Miami is pleased to announce the launch of its Khōjā Studies Listserv. Khōjā Studies is an interdisciplinary field of study that connects religious studies, diaspora studies, and postcolonial studies to South Asian and African area studies within the framework of the Western Indian Ocean to answer historical questions of aesthetics, authority, identity, and the circulation of ideas across the littoral.

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