BLOG: Summer is the Time for Research! Call for Guest Bloggers by Gretchen Pierce

Research Corner

Gretchen Pierce is Associate Professor of Latin American History at Shippensburg University of Pennsylvania. She is the co-editor of Alcohol in Latin America: A Social and Cultural History (University of Arizona Press, 2014) with Áurea Toxqui, and has published a number of articles, book chapters, and academic blog posts on temperance, beer, and advertising in Mexico.

BLOG: Navigating the Mariano Moreno National Library (Argentina) by Ashley Kerr

Research Corner

Neter@s: the school year is almost over! Do you have summer research plans? Are you willing to write a blog post or two for the good of the community? If so, please contact Gretchen Pierce at or by filling out this Google Form. I'm looking for new posts for the summer months.

New book: Reading Spaces in Modern Japan

Dear colleagues,

With apologies for the self-promotion, some of you may be interested in my new book, "Reading Spaces in Modern Japan: The Evolution of Sites and Practices of Reading" (Cambridge University Press, Elements in Publishing and Book Culture Series). It is available at this link to view or download for free until March 22nd:

BLOG: Archivo Histórico Municipal de Guadalajara: Part 2 –Navigation and Anticipating Challenges by Jason Dormady

Research Corner

Jason H. Dormady is a Professor of History at Central Washington University and received his PhD from UC Santa Barbara (2007). His work on community, conflict, and religion includes the 2011 Primitive Revolution: Restorationist Religion and the Idea of the Mexican Revolution, 1940-1968 and a 2015 edited collection titled Just South of Zion: The Mormons in Mexico and Its Borderlands.

BLOG: Art and Archive: Research at the Amon Carter Museum of American Art by Christopher Menking

Research Corner

Christopher Menking is a Professor of History at Tarrant County College. His research focuses on the United States-Mexico War and the Texas-Mexico Borderlands. The current focus of his research is the influence of the US Army Quartermaster Department on South Texas. The research conducted at the Amon Carter contributed to a manuscript on the above topic and informs the following post.

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