Comintern is Founded

The Comintern (also called the Third International and the Communist International) was founded in Moscow to promote a world Socialist revolution. Socialist parties had split into a pro-war, pro-nationalism faction, a pacifist faction, and a faction promoting transnational class war, sparking the need for a third Communist congress. Despite its roots in global organization, the Comintern was largely a Soviet organization. 

Image Credit: New World Encyclopedia

Leninism and concept of "trust"?

A graduate student of mine is working on party-peasant realtions in Communist Poland. She is interested in the concept of trust - zaufanie - which is frequently expressed as something the Party or its leaders enjoy. I began to wonder whether the term also has a Leninist component, in which the trust is enjoyed or conferred not between individuals and masses, but is conferred by the working class on its representatives. This sounds right to me, but I can't put my finger on it. Is doverie a concept that operates in Lenin's thought - and if so, where?


Did social democracy and communism merge in the New Left?

I have been trying to date the moment in US history when old time communists started writing like social democrats (Hobsbawm's tetralogy comes to mind).

It would seem to me that the New Left movements of the 1960s made the merger, as it focused on Leninist diagnoses of imperialism, as opposed to earlier forms of Marxism that viewed the bourgeoisie as a progressive class insofar as it developed the productive forces.


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