Knott, Claudia. “The Woman Suffrage Movement in Kentucky, 1879-1920.” PhD diss., University of Kentucky, 1989.

Author(s)/Editor(s): Claudia Knott        

Title: The Woman Suffrage Movement in Kentucky, 1879-1920

Publisher: University of Kentucky, Ph.D. Diss.

Date of Publication: 1989

N.J. open space ballot question passes, but could it hurt environmental programs



The link below is for an article about the constitutional amendment approved by New Jersey voters in yesterday’s election.

The reporter, S.P. Sullivan of NJ Advance Media, discusses the position of supporters of the legislation and those who have doubts.


On Monday , the Senate Environment and Energy Committee met to consider SCR84 and a number of other pieces of legislation. The committee members attending the meeting included: Chairman Bob Smith, Vice Chairman Linda Greenstein, Senator Christopher Bateman, Senator Richard Codey and Senator Samuel Thompson.

 Public Hearing


Today, Thursday, June 5 the Senate Budget and Appropriations Committee has just added SCR-84, sponsored by Senators Bob Smith and Christopher Bateman, for consideration.  This legislation  would amend Constitution to dedicate 6% of Corporation Business Tax revenues from FY2016 to FY2045 for open space, farmland, and historic preservation, end dedication of 4% of Corporation Business Tax revenues for environmental programs and dedicate natural resource damages and environmental fine revenue to underground storage tank programs and State-funded hazardous discharge cleanups.


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